Video 16 May 2 notes

Hi everyone!

Gauge is deploying to Afghanistan next week. He will be gone for about 9 months, and Alli will be alone in Alaska without him. I’m trying to make a way to visit her while he is gone, but I just don’t know if it will be possible. Alaska is so far from Michigan, and plane tickets are expensive.

Keep Alli and Gauge in your thoughts as they enter the next stage in their relationship. 

Video 31 Jan 93 notes

Alli and Gauge tied the knot last month! See more here:!alli—gauge/c6x8

Text 4 Sep Wedding

Hey everyone! 

Alli and Gauge have moved their wedding date to December 22, 2013! =)

Text 16 Jul Thank you

It has been almost a month since I left for Anchorage. Hard to believe, and I’m still on the tail-end of the back-to-reality-letdown. But all the support and positive feedback that the photos and this blog in general have garnered is amazing. Truly, thank you all for everything.

I am excited to announce that a wedding date of October 18, 2014 has been set, and I will be standing up with my dear Alli as she marries Gauge. My husband will be doing the photographs for the wedding.

Thanks again to everyone. <3

Video 5 Jul 155 notes

The final day I spent in Alaska with Alli and Gauge.

See the full session at

Video 5 Jul 29 notes

Day two of photos for Gauge and Alli around Anchorage, Alaska. We went up to Chugiak and hiked out to Thunderbird Falls for some shots, then went to the middle school near JBER for some Packers-themed photos.

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Video 30 Jun 11 notes

First evening of engagement photos with Alli and Gauge. All of these were taken after 11pm.

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Video 30 Jun 753 notes

Here are the photos of Gauge proposing to Alli as she stepped off the plane in Anchorage, Alaska. It was worth the 5-month-long secret-keeping from one of my closest friends, taking 4 days off of work, and travelling a total of 6,014 miles.

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Text 19 Jun 2 notes She said yes!!!!!!

Photos to come; I’m going to bed cause even though it’s only 10:30pm here, it’s 2:30am back home and I’ve been awake since 4am! But it was worth it!

Photo 18 Jun Holy crap, Anchorage. Nobody up here has air conditioning.. at all.. it&#8217;s really hot..

Holy crap, Anchorage. Nobody up here has air conditioning.. at all.. it’s really hot..

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